It’s a Wonder-Filled Life

Blog PicThis past weekend marked one year since my first post on this blog.  At first I was writing every few days, now it seems I’m good if I get something every couple of weeks.  It’s not that I don’t have stuff to write about, it’s just about finding the time – actually being disciplined to make the time to write.  I think most bloggers would tell you the same thing, but my wife is actually pretty disciplined with her site – and she covers some pretty deep stuff, too.

If you’ve read my first post (or can tell by the name of my site), the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” means a lot to me.  The lesson it carries is a powerful one, and even though I’ve seen it probably 50 times, I still get choked up watching as George Bailey’s eyes are opened in the end to what truly makes his life so wonderful.  And since the movie does a lot of looking back over his life, I’ve been thinking back over all of the things that have happened in our lives since I started blogging last year.  And of course, if George learned a lesson – I’ve got to see if I’ve learned some, too.

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Go West Young Man

Grand Canyon PostcardIf you’ve been following me for a while, or just read through some of my blogs, you’ll remember that I have this long long love-affair with the “Wild West”.  Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved cowboy movies and for some time now have wanted to go on one of those cattle drives featured in the movie “City Slickers”.  I even had a great aunt who got me a subscription to Arizona Highways magazine, because I just loved to look at the pictures of the Grand Canyon and the un-tamed scenery that filled the pages.

I’ve lived a few states away (Iowa), flown over it on the way to California (still upset that the attendants had everyone pull their shades down so people could watch TV reruns – and caused me to miss the aerial views of the Grand Canyon!), and experienced some of it on a couple of trips through Texas.  But Arizona was what I’ve been wanting to see for more than 35 years and it’s always eluded me.  That was, until a couple of weeks ago.

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